Interactive Industry and Business – Outcomes

During the Part I of the course, students research an interactive design agency, and prepare a report on their business and marketing model.

Research into Interactive Web Design Agencies in the Santa Monica area (link to Google Sheets):

Job roles for company employees at several web design agencies (link to Google Sheets):


Business Model Canvas for RED Interactive design agency (link to Google Sheets):

At midterm, students create a report for an existing Interactive Agency, describing their business model.

Coplex - sample-business report GWDA318

During Part II of the course, students develop a concept for their own Interactive Design Agency startup company, with a Design Document PLUS Business Model plus action plan.

Costs and ROI for a startup design agency (link to Google Sheets)

Sample GANNT chart for project (link to Google Sheets):

Completed Company Startup Proposal (Dark Entertainment Designs; a Web agency specializing in ‘escape room’ websites):



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