Advanced Web Design – Competencies

Course Description:

An exploration of advanced methods for styling websites and creating page layouts. This course will examine the practical application of styling web page content, understanding cross-browser compatibility, and creating designs that display effectively on various devices.

Course Focus:

This course considers how CSS and JavaScript may be use in conjunction for creating web page layouts, both static and dynamic. It includes standards-based HTML, CSS2 and CSS3, and a basic introduction to JavaScript used in page layouts in order to enhance User Experience. Design patterns (e.g. adaptive design and responsive design) will also be considered.

Course Competencies:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

Define advanced terms and methods for styling web pages

  • Articulate the concept for a web page design
  • Investigate strategies for designing for multiple devices and browsers
  • Identify methods for writing semantic and valid markup

Apply various advanced methods for styling web pages

  • Utilize relative, absolute, and fixed positioning methods to control the placement of web page elements
  • Utilize floats and clearing
  • Redesign existing web sites to display on various screen resolutions and devices

Solve information architecture and communication problems with effective web site styling

  • Identify ways to use on-line resources for problem solving
  • Implement advanced solutions for common information architecture principles through advanced web page styling