Advanced Web Design – Sample Assignment

Week 6: Week 06 – Lab – Role Model Review

In this Lab, you will showcase your “role model” website choices to the class. After each student has presented, you will work in a group to determine the feature list required for the site. Finally, you will create a “first pass” wireframe in an online design tool, AND by sketching.

Part I – Presentations

  • Students present their 5 top websites, informally, to the rest of the class
  • Recommendation: chose a site with a “one-page” format, or a small nu
  • Discuss
    • Your site rankings (1 to 5)
    • The 3 best design features of the site
    • The 3 techniques using HTML, CSS, JavaScript you think are being used on the site
    • At the end of the process, student indicates which site want to emulate

Part II – Feature List

  • As a group, students examine each other’s choices
  • Inspect for
    • Visual design
    • Layout
    • Typography
    • Motion graphics
    • Interactivity
  • Each student then recommends their choice for the other student
  • Each student will have a recommendation from their list from every other student

Part III – Commit!

Part IV – Upload

  • A screen capture of your “quickie” wireframe for your Role Model site, done in a design tool
  • A scan of SKETCHED version
  • Put both in a folder, and compress
  • Upload to “Week 06 Lab – Role Model Review” under Dropbox