Applications and Industry – Competencies

Course Description:

Web design and graphic design applications, tools, and industry practices. Includes file management practices, basics of markup language and styling. Introduction to illustration and image manipulation software relevant to the web design and graphic design industries.

Course Focus:

Basic intro to the Design field, including graphic, web and interactive design, with a heavy focus on basic design workflow and authoring in Adobe Creative Suite. Topics including, Typography, Illustration, User Experience and Development will form part of the coursework. Individual and team projects will be part of the course material. In addition, online tools for researching design projects will be explored.

Course Competencies:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate Proficient use of language, grammar and vocabulary in writing project documentation.
  • Recognize and apply the stylistic characteristics in writing within the interactive discipline
  • Determine appropriate research, concepts, materials, tools, media, and skills to solve design problems:
  • Identify the demographic attributes of a target audiences
  • Determine delivery mechanisms appropriate for the subject.
  • Demonstrate Craftsmanship (organization, neatness, precision):
  • Create project plans & artifacts using appropriate information design and usability parameters which will be specified
  • Select specific design approaches that appeal to a chosen audience
  • Evaluate and organize researched information for effective presentation
  • Work within HTML editing environment, and within a motion graphics application to create standards compliant web pages and rich interactive media
  • Analyze and apply the critical thinking process to the design challenges of specific problems:
  • Apply basic library and media research
  • Employ the various search engines on the internet
  • Assemble provided and created media within a standards-compliant html document utilizing table-less design
  • Use HTML and divs to achieve basic CSS positioning

Course Focus Competencies:

  • Learn about Information Architecure (IA) in web design
  • Apply principles of User Experience (Ux) to web design
  • Understand design for mobile, and the “mobile first” design paradigm
  • Know how to use adaptive and responsive design theory
  • Understand how web identity works, and generate effective branding via logotypes
  • Learn to install and use WordPress
  • Learn how to install and use plugins and page templates within WordPress and other CMS systems
  • Explore the capabilities and limitations of HTML and CSS
  • Optimize sites for Search Engines (SEO) and Web Performance (WPO)