Applications and Industry – Sample Assignment

Week 07 Homework – Individual Project Creative Brief


Spring 2016

  • Collect information to guide the infographic design for your individual project
  • Fill out this template, and upload after you do some research on the topic
  • Print or save a copy for yourself, to help guide your design work Creative Brief Summary

1. What is the topic of your project?
The project is based on information of a babies first year of life.

2. What has made this topic important enough to require an infographic?
We as humans go through many changes in our first year of life it is important to know   the many things we accomplish, and understand how a baby becomes a toddler.

3. Who is the intended audience? (don’t write “EVERYONE”)
First time parents, ages 15+

4. What adjectives describe the feeling we want the audience to get from the project?
Joy, Fun, Entertaining, Easy

5. What size (width and height) and format (print, electronic, web) will I deliver in?
Document size is 11” in height and 8.5” in width.

6. What is the take-home idea(s) I want people to get from the project?
Growing takes time, learning is a process.