Digital Media Campaigns – Competencies

Course Description: Students design and implement advanced marketing campaigns utilizing emerging digital media concepts, paradigms, and business models. Students combine and integrate interactive business models using both online and offline media. Students integrate knowledge of e-commerce and interactive media to include emerging technologies such as mmobile marketing, social media marketing (SMM), viral advertising, and video and user generated content (UGC).

Course Focus: This course will focus on features of digital marketing using interactive business models. Understanding of digital media will be integrated into a digital business and marketing proposal, including digital marketing techniques and analytics.

Course Competencies:

  • Analyze the evolution and impact of digital media and emerging technologies on advertising and e-commerce within the context of today’s society
  • Discuss digital media trends
  • Identify current legal, ethical, and privacy issues related to the use of digital media in the public domain
  • Discuss current digital media news and legislation
  • Research and analyze effective digital media campaign strategies, including the creation of online communities, user-generated content, multimedia channels, mobile marketing and apps
  • Examine current, effective campaign structures
  • Practice using modern social media tools for interactive communication with a targeted audience, as well as viral marketing to the masses
  • Communicate messages across a variety of social media channels
  • Design and build a niche social network
  • Identify and utilize various analytic tools for collecting statistics and compiling metrics to ensure a continual data-driven decision-making process for maximizing ROI
  • Design and administer an online marketing survey
  • Incorporate statistical data into digital media campaign design
  • Create a comprehensive, integrated digital media campaign
  • Conduct appropriate market research
  • Write a strategic plan for using social communit