Digital Media Campaigns – Sample Assignment

Week 06 Lab – Content Posting Calendar

In this Lab you will organize your posts to blogs and social media via a content posting calendar.

Option 1: Buffer (Social Media only, use Google Calendar for Blogs)

  • Sign in to Buffer
  • Create a Buffer Account (free to paid)
  • Add your major social networks to Buffer

Buffer Com Ui

Add the Buffer Extension to Your Browser

Buffer Extension
Add Buffer Extensions

  • Go to the extensions page
  • Download the Buffer app to your smartphone
  • Consider adding on the extras on the web page above

Option 2: Google Calendar (can use for everything)

  • Create a Google Calendar to list all your DM work

Google Calendar

  • Follow the “batching” principle to improve your productivity
  • Rules of Batching
    • Schedule your “post” days regularly (e.g. each Monday and Thursday)
    • Do your posts batched at specific times (e.g. 7pm)
    • Check your results at specific times (e.g. 2 hours before your first post of the week)
    • Indicate any “shares” of your posts (they should also be planned)
  • You will have to show your Calendar, and demonstrate you are following it, in class and at the final

Alternate Representations (for a Project Presentation)
In your Project Presentation, you can use screen captures of your work in Buffer or Google Calendar. However, it is more professional to design a posting chart specifically for your project. A sample design is shown below.
Posting Calendar alternate design

Add to Your Presentation

  • Add a screenshot of your Google Calendar and/or Buffer to the Implementation section
  • If you make a refined “posting schedule” chart like the above, add to the Implementation section