Emerging Tech – Competencies

Course Description: This courses examines the concepts and methodologies used in emerging technology. In this course students research new interactive media technologies and develop projects around their research.

Course Focus: In this course, students will study, learn, and implement a component of modern interactive design and programming systems. In particular, they will create an HTML5/JavaScript interactive game to demonstrate their understanding of web-based dynamic and interactive programming.

You will work individually, but collaborate to debug and solve coding problems in your final project, an HTML5/JavaScript online puzzle game featuring animation and dynamic play.

Our source:  Jacob Seidelin‘s great HTML5 Games: Creating Fun with HTML5, CSS3, and WebGL


You will closely emulate Seidelin’s game, but all JavaScript must be your own. In other words, you can use the book as and example to create the code modules, but you must type in every line of your own code.

We will also use basic Web Dev NodeJS tools to set up the project, in particular Grunt.

Course Competencies:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Recognize technology directions from readings in industry periodicals.
  • Describe career opportunities using the new technology.
  • Evaluate professional skills relative to above applications/technologies in possible career paths and projects in the above-mentioned areas.
  • Compare and contrast types and availability of new emerging technologies and how they are/will effect industry trends.
  • Application of the technologies necessary for implementation of emerging trends in hands on project.

Course Focus Competencies:

  • Learn the specific technologies required to implement a specific emerging technology
  • Create a simple system using features of a specific emerging technology.
  • Create a document describing an emerging technology project, its relationship to current technology, professional skills, and career opportunities.
  • Develop a project in the context of emerging technology using a mix of authoring and programming.
  • Create an HTML5/JavaScript game.
  • Analyze and debug your JavaScript source code.
  • Collaborate with other student to fix bugs and understanding advanced JavaScript coding design patterns.
  • Develop original media assets (images, animation) to personalize your HTML5/JavaScript game.