Emerging Tech – Sample Assignment

Week 5: Week 05 – Homework – Off to the Races!

For the rest of the quarter (Week 06 – Week 10) you will work to complete your Final Project.

This is NOT a graded assignment
But you must complete the work below to complete the course

Working Together

  • You can help each other only by the “Look but don’t touch” mode
  • No file swapping, but verbal working together ok
  • Each student must type in every line of code for their own project
  • If a student is helped by another, they MUST indicate in their code comments

What You Must Complete


  • Debugging is the most important thing you can do
  • Remember to use…
    • console.log() everywhere to inspect variable values
    • dummy variables and function
    • scaffolding
    • commenting out until code works
    • rollback to earlier versions if all else fails

@link http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/991643/What-is-Debugging-How-to-Debug-A-Beginners-Guide

Passing the Course

  • Work MUST be completed by the end of Week 10 (not Week 11)
    • Complete Chapter 8 – minimal pass (functioning game, sans animation)
    • Complete Chapter 10 – awesome

Extra Credit

  • WebGL (3D version of the game, Chapter 11)
  • WebSockets
  • Use PhoneGap to package the game (end of Chapter 3)