Experience Design – Competencies

Course Description:

An examination of user-centered experience and its relationship to information architecture, interface design, and usability.


Course Focus: This course introduces students to the Ux design process. Students develop a project concept, then create standard Ux deliverables – market segments, Personas, User Stories, Customer Journeys, Interaction Diagrams, and Wireframe deliverables. They also conduct Ux testing with early-stage (paper) prototypes.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

Define user-centered experience design

  • Describe the relationship between information architecture, interface design, and experience design
  • Explain the role of usability in experience design

Apply principles of experience design

  • Create user flow documentation
  • Produce wireframes to communicate feedback loops
  • Create interface systems for multi-platform delivery

Solve design problems with principles of experience design

  • Combine principles of usability, information architecture, and interface design to create effective user experiences


Course Focus Competencies:

  • Create a website embodying features of user experience research
  • Understand the role of WPO in Ux
  • Understanding the role of SEO in Ux
  • Understand the relation of Sustainable Web Design and Ux
  • Run user experience tests to confirm that the design matches expectations
  • Iterate designs based on results in Ux testing.


Course Prerequisite(s): MM2203 Introduction to Web Design