Experience Design – Sample Assignment

Week 07 – Homework – Task Completion Testing

In this User test, you will check your User Flow via Paper Prototypes, and confirm the tasks you assumed to lead Users through the User Flow in fact do exist and work.  Looking at high-level tasks (e.g., ordering a product from a website), you will confirm that Users understand and can do the task in your Prototype.

  • The test is similar to that you conducted in USER TEST 3 with a Paper Prototype, but should be conducted onscreen.
  • You will do PROTOTYPING IN CODE with respect to User Interaction
  • If possible, do the Prototype layout and design using code as well

Define Your Testing System Prototype

  • Prototype must be onscreen
  • You can use scanned images of Paper Prototypes
  • Keep the Prototype in a “wire-framey” mode, rather than a complete Page Comp
  • At a minimum, add code that, upon a “click” on the page, jumps the User to the next page in your User Flow

Upload your Prototype

  • This will allow you to pull the site from any location
  • This will allow testing on desktop and mobile

Define High-Level Tasks

  • Examine the User Flow, Scenario, Storyboard for high-level tasks
  • Write down a list of at least 5 of these High-Level tasks
  • Define the “widget” (e.g. something from a Ui) kit that provides visual affordance for the task
  • There may be more than one widget – you are testing a task with several smaller sub-tasks

Create a Question Set out of Each Task

  • The Task: Log into an existing account
  • The Question:
  • If you already had a Username and Password, and were trying to Log in to your site, what would you click next?
  • …and what would you do next?
  • …and what you you click to finish

Get Users to Test

  • Invite Users to your testing
  • Time required will be 10-15 minutes
  • Test both interfaces
    • Desktop (will have to be in the class)
    • Mobile (will have to test ON the mobile)

Write Down the Results

  • Score how many times a User completes a task
  • Score partials for partial completion of a task
  • Derive a numerical % score for each task