Information Architecture – Sample Assignment

Week 06 – Lab – Group Content Inventory of Existing Site

In this Lab, you will find a website with a structure suitable for content analysis. You will then scan the site with auditing software, and group classify the data under High-Level Categories. Finally, you will determine a set of meta-data to further classify the content by, and create a scoring system defining content quality.

Scan a Website

Calculate Meta-Data for the Links

For a Content Value Check, you would use

  1. High-Level
    • Page Title
  2. Low-Level
    • Media Type
    • Source (site, 3nd-party, user-generated)
    •  Completeness
    • Writing quality
    • Labeling of information (titles, headers)
    • Findability via the site Search functions
    • Accessibility to the disabled and “browser-challenged”
    •  Relevance to audience
    • Currency (is information up-to-date?)

Develop a Scoring System

  • For each Low-Level content entry, figure out a scoring system
  • The content should suggest likely ways of scoring
    • 1 (ok), 0 (not ok)
    • 1-10
    • 1, 0, -1
    • 3, 2, 1, 0

Get Templates

Map Your Content Scan into the Templates

  • Check the pages for each link, and analyze content
  • Estimate meta-data values for each unit of content
  • Create a column which converts your scoring system to 0-100 (Excel formula)
  • Determine an overall score for each content “chunk”

Determine an Overall Quality Score

  • Based on your meta-data, classify the site according to content quality
  • Use the scoring system you developed for individual meta-data

Upload to your Process