Interactive Communication 1: Planning and Research – Competencies

Course Description:

This  course  covers  real-world  pre-production  methods  and  research  for  interactive  media.  Emphasis  is  on  content  research,  assessing  client  needs,  pre-production  assets,  and  planning  of advanced interactive communication publications.


Course Focus:

This course covers principles of writing in general and the specifics of creating copy suitable for the web, apps, and E-commerce systems. Techniques that help create meaningful and understandable copy are explored, and applied to areas including online shopping, content marketing, and writing for blogs and other web-based media.


Course Competencies:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:


Define prototyping methodologies

  • Describe the techniques and iterative process of prototyping
  • Discuss the role of prototyping in the design and development of digital publications

Create prototypes for interactive publications

  • Evaluate industry standards for designing non-linear prototypes
  • Apply theories and techniques towards the design and production of prototypes

Evaluate effectiveness and usability of interactive prototypes

  • Identify methods of usability testing
  • Apply various user-testing methods
  • Conduct peer-review of functional effectiveness
  • Propose design revisions based on testing results

Present completed prototypes

  • Generate professional quality prototype presentations