Interactive Communications 1: Planning and Research – Sample Assignment

Week 6: Week 06 – Homework – Create Interaction Design Diagrams

For the Homework, you will study Interaction Design diagrams, and create your own Interaction Design diagram for at least one Customer Journey. You will use the ID diagrams to create your Paper Prototype.

Get Examples

Download “Week 06a files” from Doc Sharing

Requirements for the ID Pattern

  • The sequence of screens should match a Customer Journey
  • Each screen should be labeled with the primary task being completed
  • Groups of screens could be labeled with major steps in Customer Journey (e.g. Discover, Decision…)
  • Individual Ui elements on the the page should have numbered callouts with a legend giving the Design Pattern
  • You should choose a Design Pattern Library from the list below:


  • High-quality, similar to examples in “Week 06 Files”
  • Large “blowup” version and thumbnails for your “process page” on your portfolio site


  • Part of Week 11 Presentation

Interaction Design Pattern Libraries

Study Motion Graphic ID Patterns

Study Features of Process Flowcharts

Study Features of Ux User Flow Diagrams