Interactive Communications 3: Development and Delivery – Sample Assignment

Week 2: Week 02 – Homework – Project Timelines

For the Homework, you will formalize your Week 01 Project Descriptions into a set of milestones and goals which you will complete during the quarter.

Construct GANNT Charts

  1. Use standard GANNT design
  2. It is OK to use online GANNT planners
  3. Otherwise, build in MS WOrd or Excel
  4. Define at least 3 milestones
    • One in Week 05
    • One in Week 08
    • One in Week 11
    • You are free to add additional milestones as desired
  5. “Print – Ready” – the GANNT chart should ultimately be part of your Process Page

Indicate Progress for Each Element of Your Project(s)

  • Design Documents
  • Marketing Plan
  • Prototypes
  • Process Page for your portfolio site.

Upload Your Charts

  • If you created a local document, upload directly
  • If you used Google Docs, upload the link (and set permissions so it is accessible by the Instructor)
  • Upload to “Week 02 Homework – Project Timelines” under Dropbox