Interactive Industry and Business – Competencies

Course Description:

This course is structured to investigate the wide ranges of both traditional and emerging business topics and considerations, preparing students as they transition into an interactive media and design profession.

Course Focus:

This course focuses on how the interactive design industry works in practice. Topics include integration with traditional creative agencies, interactive design workflow, alternative work environments (virtual office) online collaboration systems, and business associations. The goal is to demonstrate how interactive design skills may be applied in the workplace.

Course Competencies:

Upon successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

Communicate with clients using the proper terminology

  • Recognize the rights, responsibilities and liabilities of parties to a contract
  • Demonstrate an awareness of business considerations and project management requirements
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the rules of intellectual property

Select and apply various management strategies in business situations

  • Describe business and management skills and responsibilities
  • Describe the responsibility of client training with content management systems

Explore the opportunity and operation of a freelance business

  • Apply basic business principles to the creation and maintenance of a business

Identify basic business principles to the creation and operation of sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations

  • Compare and contrast advantage/disadvantages of different forms of business ownership
  • Prepare basic documents for design services, copyright, and licensing