Interactive Industry and Business – Sample Assignment

Week 6: Week 06 – Homework – Business Proposal

For this Homework, you will begin work on a Business Plan, including a Marketing Plan and an Excel-based Business Model spreadsheet. The total deliverables list is given below:


  • Students can work together, but MUST develop distinct business Plans
    • Distinct companies
    • Distinct amount of investment
    • Distinct marketing media produced (e.g. sample banner ad)
  • Assignments should be posted and shared in Google Docs

Deliverables in the Business Plan

  • Business Proposal Presentation
    • Download “Week 05 Homework – Final Project Template” from Doc Sharing
  • Marketing Plan Presentation
    • Introduce in “Week 07 Homework – Marketing Budget Spreadsheet” from Doc Sharing
  • Cash Flow Spreadsheet
    • Introduced in “Week 08 Homework – Cash Flow Spreadsheet” from Doc Sharing

Additional Resources 

Additional Spreadsheets (if you want an “A”)