Intermediate Web Design – Competencies

Course Description:

Students expand their prior knowledge of HTML and CSS by learning additional methods for structuring and styling web page content. The ability to style multi-column layouts and various interface components is explored. Students participate in visual design critiques, evaluate the designs and code of existing websites, and use CSS to visually design the presentation of HTML content.


Course Focus: This course introduces advanced CSS-based layouts for web pages, including multiple columns. The goal is to create web frameworks using fluid, “jelly” and responsive design patterns from starting wireframes and page templates. In addition, the aesthetics of “beautiful web design” will be investigated.


Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

Define terms and methods for styling web pages

  • Articulate the concept for a web page design
  • Identify issues of accessibility that need to be addressed when styling web pages for various devices
  • Discuss the benefits of separating structure and presentation during web site production

Apply various methods for styling web pages

  • Use CSS to visually design the presentation of web page content
  • Implement various page layout methods such as fixed and liquid layouts
  • Design a web site that works on different screen resolutions and devices

Solve information architecture and communication problems with effective web site styling

  • Identify ways to use on-line resources for problem solving
  • Implement solutions for common information architecture principles through web page styling


Course Focus Competencies:

  • Apply responsive design techniques to create pages that work equally well on desktop and mobile platforms


Course Prerequisite(s): GWDA113 Fundamentals of Web Page Programming