Intermediate Web Design – Sample Assignment

Week 06 – Lab – Final Project DeReConstruct

In this Lab you will study what is needed to complete the Final Project in this course.

This is NOT a graded assignment, but you will need to complete this project by Week 11

Site Selection

  • You should have reviewed sites between Week 05 and Week 06

The Role of Your Process Book

You are expected to keep a Process Book during your site DeConstruct and ReConstruct

  • Formats
    • Written notebook
    • Online blog/discussion area/website (WordPress is good)
  • Check weekly with the Instructor
  • Turn in in Week 11

What to include in your Process Book this week

  • What you’re looking for in a site
  • The top ~5 sites which appeal to you
  • Why you chose your Final Project Site

Download Final Project Descriptions

  • Download from “Week 06 Lab – Final Project Timeline” under Doc Sharing
  • Download “Week 06 Homework – Strategy for Site De-ReConstruction” from Doc Sharing

Site DeConstruction is…

  • Things you don’t (yet) understand in the HTML, CSS, JS
  • Interesting CSS selectors
  • A description of the strategy for how the site layout was created
  • Quality of the site code

Site DeConstruction…

  • Site should be “ripped” apart to its basics
  • A wireframe should be generated, listing code features and Interaction Patterns

Site ReConstruction

  • What you changed in the site
  • Elements left out or added