Object-Oriented Scripting – Sample Assignment

Week 6: Week 06 – Lab – Final Project Introduction

In this Lab you will learn what is required for your Final Project in this course.

This is NOT a graded assignment
However, you DO need to follow these guidelines to complete your Final Project

Final Project
For the Final Project (in addition to your work in “codeschools”) you need to do one of the following:

Option 1

  1. Try “starter tutorials” to improve your OOP understanding
  2. Follow along with the Instructor in class, and complete the HTML5 Canvas game
  3. Change the game assets, and submit as Final Project

Option 2

  1. Start your own final project, using a “starter tutorial” in game OOP programming
  2. Change the game assets, and submit as Final Project

OOP Diagrams (done for for JS)

  • For each option, you will prepare a personal OOP Hierarchy diagraming your favorite drawing tool
    • Object Taxonomy for entire project
    • Inheritance chain for one class
  • Diagram features
    • Objects shown as “balls” or shapes
    • Inheritance between objects indicated with arrows
    • Important functions (methods) and variables (properties) inside objects indicated

Here’s an example of what you will do (not complex drawing):