User Experience 2: Prototyping – Sample Assignment

Week 6: Week 06 – Homework – Develop Usability Test for Your Prototype, Part II

For the Homework, you will develop a second usability test. This test will use your Visual Design “clickthrough” prototype, and will hone in on details of the designed “user journey” for your project. In addition, you will create a summary “dashboard” deliverable recording test results.

Type of Test

  • Summative (access current usability of a prototype)
  • Task completion
  • Use metrics to describe prototype quality


Users to Test

  • Ideally, test within your project demographic
  • Testing can work with users which only partly fit the demographic

Setting Tasks

  • Ask testers to complete a “customer journey” (a.k.a. a high-level task)
  • Examples:
    • Order a product
    • Login or register
    • Connect to a social sharing link
    • Search for information on the site
    • Identify the appropriate page for said Persona to use
  • Use at least 2 distinct customer journeys
  • Run the same test with the desktop and mobile prototypes


Priming Document

  • Describe the Project, and the Customer Persona
  • Describe the specific task
  • If you’re “faking” server interaction, you may need to give your tester a specific name, password, etc. compatible with your static pages

Running the Test

  • Allow 3-5 minutes per customer journey
  • Ask testers to comment as they work
  • DO NOT help them at all!
  • Write down problems, insights as the test proceeds
  • Don’t ask about “feelings” – just ask users to complete your tasks


Metrics Possibilities

  • Numerical scores required!
  • Possible ways of generating numbers
  • Time spent on task, or subtasks within the user flow
  • Score task completion
  • Users scale satisfaction with interface (1-10)
  • Score individual pass/fail for steps in the task, giving a numerical score (e.g. 6/10)
  • Score hesitancy, stops, confusion during task completion


Build Your Plan into a Dashboard

  • A deliverable for your client/manager
  • Build the template now
  • You will “fill in” the template after conducting tests next week
  • Format
    • Infographic style
    • Suitable for delivery to clients, managers
    • Suitable for onscreen or printed consumption