User Experience 3: Project Dev – Competencies

Course Description:

A continuation of User Experience Design: Prototyping, this course examines the methodologies and techniques of developing multi-platform interactive experiences. Previous user experience research, prototyping, and testing culminate into an engaging, interactive, multi-platform user experience. Students demonstrate an advanced understanding of the User Experience design industry.


Course Focus:

This course expands on the initial project created in User Experience: Prototyping, continuing prototype development and introducing principles of production planning and project management. In addition to completing the project prototype, students will develop industry-standard production and marketing deliverables, including a plan based on researched development needs.



Course Competencies:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

Identify and analyze the development needs for a multi-device interactive project

  • Describe and/or demonstrate the technology requirements of components of a multi-platform project
  • Create a production plan based on development needs that would be required to fully execute the concept designed

Produce working components of a multi-device interactive project

  • Prepare assets for multi-device delivery to demonstrate the concept such as interactive prototypes, video simulations, and marketing material

Professionally present the final solution

  • Present the completed project including the research, prototyping, and testing that led to the final result
  • Demonstrate professionalism and thorough understanding of the project concept and the user experience design industry


Course Prerequisite(s):  User Experience Prototyping