Web Design for Non-Design Majors – Sample Assignment

Final Project

For your final course homework, you will compare your work to the following checklist. This checklist has everything you need to present in Week 11.

1. Your PowerPoint Presentation (updated from Week 05)

  1. Your Final Website
  • Your CMS system (e.g. SquareSpace, Virb, WordPress)
  • Your portfolio (a working website)
  • Your “contact us” form (send yourself a message)
  • Any areas where you modified HTML, CSS, JavaScript (open the editor)
  • Recent blog posts (show to the class)
  • Recent edits to site layout (based on Week 10 testing)
  1. Your Digital Ecosystem
    • All the social networks linked to your website
    • Pages in your “hub” portfolio website with “social sharing” links
    • Buffer, or Google Calendar for scheduling your Digital Marketing posts
    • Recent posts, shares on your social networks
    • Show how your website comes up in a Google search
    • Show how your website comes up when you “share” in Facebook and/or Twitter
    • Likes, comments, responses you have received on your site, or in your social networks
  2. Code Academy
    • Show your current position in the Code Academy website
  3. Role Model Websites
    • Have the URL for your most “role model” website to compare to your own
  4. Analytics
    • Show Google Analytics, or an analytics page your CMS provides
  5. Assets
    • Demonstrate your existing assets
    • Photographs
    • Graphic designs
    • Code examples
    • Articles, stories
    • Presentations (your presentation for this class is an asset you might post to your website)
  6. Design Document (Finished from Week 05)
    • Present your Design Document to the class, with the following components completed
      1. Goals
      2. Market segment
      3. Audience Personas
      4. Wireframes and Sitemaps (may be scans)