Writing for the Web – Sample Assignment

Week 07 Lab – Keyword Research & Influencers

In this Lab, you will explore various resources used in keyword research. You will use the results of keyword research to (re) write content in your Content Marketing Proposal for your Final Project.



  1. Find keywords used by your client
  2. FInd influencers (e.g. popular bloggers or twitter users), who might write about your client, product, service

The Process – Keyword Research

The Process – Additional Keyword Research Sites

The Process – Find Influencers in Twitter

The Process – Find Influencers in Blogs

Post to Your Blog

  1. Post the keyword lists
  2. List the source for your keyword research
  3. List your “influencers” (blogs and sites currently snagging those keywords)

Add to Your Content Marketing Proposal

  • Add competitor keywords to your Content Marketing Proposal
  • Add influencer list (5-10 superbloggers) to your Content Marketing Proposal