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Computer History - Workstation Era (1968-1985)

The PDS-I at NASA-Ames (1972)



Xerox Alto (1976)

Alto showing SmalltalkXerox Alto

Alto desktopAlto Screen


Xerox Star (1981)

Developed during the late 1970s by Xerox, the Star incorporated features that today define personal computers: a bitmapped display, mouse, windows, local hard disk, network connectivity via Ethernet, and laser printing. The Star also refined the "desktop metaphor" - showing files and folders as icons, dialog boxes, and a "point and click" style of interaction." It was the first commercial object-oriented computer interface. Apple essentially stole key Star concepts to produce the Apple Lisa, and later, the Apple Macintosh. Today, virtually all personal computers have an interface directly descended from the Star.

Xerox Star

Xerox star fonts

Xerox Star Interface 2

Xerox Star interface with person

Xerox star with printing

Xerox star icons Xerox star icons 2

The development of an icon-driven user interface for the Xerox Star



Smalltalk, Object-Oriented Programming, and Adele Goldberg

Adele Goldberg

Smalltalk screen

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