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About Me...

I'm Dr. Pete Markiewicz. My Doctorate was in STEM Science, but I've been working on the Web since 1993.

I co-founded an Etsy-like startup (Kaleidospace) in 1994 and have been designing and coding online ever since.

I create UX, Design, and Web Dev solutions for my clients.

I also do Curriculum Development and Instructional Design.

I'm an expert in Web-based Virtual Reality (UX in VR, WebXR)

I am an expert on US generations, and worked with Neil Howe and William Strauss (coined the world "Millennial") and Morley Winograd & Mike Hais, who analyze generations and political cycles. Sample PPT,PDF


Thousands of satisfied students in Graphic and Web Design, User Experience, (UX), Interaction Design (ID), Information architecture (IA), client-side and server-side web development.


Coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL, NodeJs. Boilerplates, social analysis systems, boilerplates, WordPress Templates and Virtual Reality in JavaScript.

Virtual Reality

I've worked with the groups bringing VR and AR to the general web using the WebXR 1.0 API and JavaScript, and have a background creating and analyzing virtual worlds.