Current Projects

Design, Coding, Ux, Ui, Books


webvr app, programmed directly in WebGL by Pete Markiewicz
WebVR Mini (WebGL Engine)
Code demostration showing how to implement virtual reality using the WebVR API. Programmed in JavaScript without a framework, directly in WebGL. Check the Github Site or see and online demo.
webvr application programmed using BabylonJS game engine by Pete Markiewicz
WebVR with BabylonJS
Code demonstration showing how to implement WebVR using the BabylonJS game engine. Programmed with patches to overcome limitations in WebVR support for HTC Vive.
WebVR Feature Detector a bootstrap script for WebVR projects that respects older browsers
WebVR Feature Detector
A Modernizr-style detector, specifically for WebVR applications, with graceful decay supporting older browsers and the WebVR Polyfill library.
thumbnail slide from webvr presentation by Pete Markiewicz
WebVR Presentations
2016 presentation on the case for WebVR developed for Los Angeles User Experience Professionals (UxPaLa) group and the Los Angeles WebVR Meetup group.

Ux and Front-End Dev

Teaching Designers Development in class
Teaching, Ux, and Front-End Development
I've taught front-end and back-end development to Web and Graphic Designers since 2001 at the Art Institute. In addition I provide private tutoring, often for students enrolled in codeschools.
Ux design and customer journey for an AR app
Ohzone App Ux Strategy
User strategy, supervising Ux interns, and auditing deliverables for the Ohzone, a web app providing virtual fashion tryons via an app from an SF-based startup.
image showing Rex Legend3d WebVR app on iPhone
LegendVR WebVR Real Estate Ux Strategy
Ux in VR research and development, plus project management for a Web-VR based real estate application created by LegendVR, part of effects house Legend3D in Los Angeles.
ES6 game for teaching OOP principles to students
ZookillSoccer (JavaScript OOP Teaching Framework)
A JavaScript teaching game, developed to train students in ES6 classes, and OOP programming in general. Also used to show how NodeJS tools streamline design and development workflow.

Server-Side Development

server-side teaching and development
Teaching Server-Side Development
I've taught PHP / MySQL since 2001, NodeJS basics, along with development for Content Management Systems like WordPress.
Some wordpress sites
WordPress Work
I&ve helped Novy Unlimited develop the back-end (not the visual Ui) for their ecosystem of WordPress-based sites, Novy Unlimited,, Design, development, Ux, SEO, PHP - you name it!
database editor for green boilerplate, a sustainable web design framework by pete markiewicz
Green Boilerplate Initializr (PHP/MySQL Dev)
Database and database tools for Green Boilerplate browser data, explorts JSON and PHP arrays for use with Green Boilerplate framework. Authored in PHP and MySQL.
Cohort Convert, a generation analysis tool screenshots
Cohort Convert (PHP/MySQL Dev)
A project developed using PHP/MySQL which converts life-stage statistics into generational cohorts.

Sustainable Web Design

sustainable virtual design, a theory for best practices for web sustainability by pete markiewicz
Sustainable Virtual Design
My blog centers on how to make the web more efficient in energy consumption and sustainable in terms of user experience.
sustainable ux conference, a series on sustainable web and internet design and development
Sustainable Ux
Link to my talk at the Sustainable Ux conference (streaming YouTube video).
Sustainable Book Editor
Tim Frick of MightyBytes has a great book, and I contributed to several portions of the manuscript.
green boilerplate initializr, a sustainable web design framework by pete markiewicz
Green Boilerplate(PHP/MySQL & JS dev)
A design and code framework for creating websites with minimal carbon footprints. Feature client and server-side negotiation to minimize transfer of assets.

Other Projects

list of books by pete markiewicz on amazon
Published Books & eBooks
Books on the web, streaming media, coding for the web, and the Millennial Generation from my Amazon Author page.
Image from SL Map, an OpenGL Orrey
Squoak Engine (OpenGL C++ Orrery)
Before working in WebGL and WebVR, I learned about OpenGL game design by building a solar system simulation in C++ and OpenGL using standard Visual Studdio, in Win32 without additional frameworks.
legacy sites, including kaleidospace 1996
Historical Web Work (1994)
Link to some older projects, including the original 1990s versio of the Kaleidospace website.
Book cover for Paint the Devil by Pete Markiewicz
Book Covers
I"m not a graphic designer by trade, but here are a few examples of my work on book covers for my mom"s book, Paint the Devil (get paperback or Kindle version on Amazon).