Current Projects

Design, Coding, Ux, Ui, Books

UX and Front-End Development

UX App Prototype for ESL
UX Interactive Prototyping for a VR-Enabled ESL App
Educational Insights User Research
Educational Insights User Research
Scroll of sample UX deliverables
UX Deliverables
image showing Rex Legend3d WebVR app on iPhone
LegendVR WebVR Real Estate UX Strategy

VR & AR Development on GitHub

webvr app, programmed directly in WebGL by Pete Markiewicz
WebVR Mini
webvr application programmed using BabylonJS game engine by Pete Markiewicz
WebVR with BabylonJS
WebVR Feature Detector a bootstrap script for WebVR projects that respects older browsers
WebVR Feature Detector
thumbnail slide from webvr presentation by Pete Markiewicz
WebVR Presentations

Server-Side Development

Some wordpress sites
WordPress, CMS and LMS
database editor for green boilerplate, a sustainable web design framework by pete markiewicz
Green Boilerplate Initializr (PHP/MySQL Dev)
Sample coding projects, example of HTML5 game Elefart
Front-End Coding Projects
Cohort Convert, a generation analysis tool screenshots
Cohort Convert

Sustainable Web Design

sustainable virtual design, a theory for best practices for web sustainability by pete markiewicz
Sustainable Virtual Design
sustainable ux conference, a series on sustainable web and internet design and development
Sustainable UX Presentations
Designing for Sustainability by Tim Frick
Sustainable Book Editor
green boilerplate initializr, a sustainable web design framework by pete markiewicz
Green Boilerplate

Other Projects

list of books by pete markiewicz on amazon
Published Books & eBooks
Image from SL Map, an OpenGL Orrey
Squoak Engine (OpenGL C++ Orrery)
legacy sites, including kaleidospace 1996
Historical Web Work (1994)
Book cover for Schizophrenics I have Known and Loved by Opaline Marks. Cover by Pete Markiewicz
Book Covers