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Courses I've Designed and Taught

Curriculum Development, UX, Web & Graphic Design 6/4/2020

Over the last several years, I've developed individual courses and even entire programs in Web and Graphic Design, UX, even Digital Marketing. I've participated in program development, creating course and program objectives (PLOs and CLOs), and development individual courses. Courses are designed to blend - they can be taught on-ground, or online. I'm experienced with both the BrightSpace/D2L and Canvas/Instructure Learning Management Systems (LMS).

XR Wizards Lab, UX in Virtual Reality Teaching and Team Mentoring

Images from XR Wizards Lab Teaching and Team Mentoring Program
The Problem
XR Wizards Lab, an Epic MegaGrants recipient, needed to develop a UX-based teaching curriculum for creating XR (VR, AR, MR). They needed to:
  • Define and create the introductory "UX in Virtual Reality" Course
  • Teach the course in a challenge, all-remote environment
  • Manage and assess student team development of VR projects incorporating UX principles
The Solution
I wrote and taught the XR Wizards Lab Course for UX in Virtual Reality
  • Helped define course and program competencies
  • Created course syllabi and outlines
  • Develop course for all-online delivery to remote students
  • Developed an expanded Rubric for student team performance
  • Managed and assessed student teams creating multiple UX in XR projects

Columbia College Graphic Design & Interactive Media Program

Images Columbia College Graphic and Interactive Media Design Program Curriculum Design
The Problem
Columbia College Hollywood wanted to develop a new Design program. They needed to:
  • Define course progress and course competencies (CLOs) for Graphic Design, UX, and Web Development
  • Create course syllabi and courses in a Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Validate CLOs and PLOs against similar design programs
The Solution
I helped create Columbia College Hollywood's (Tarzana, CA) new web, graphic, and interactive design program
  • Helped define course and program competencies
  • Create course syllabi and outlines
  • Authored individual courses in UX, Graphic Design and Web Design in Canvas LMS
  • Rubrics, evaluation criteria for student success
  • Taught individual courses, on-ground and online

Hussian Media UX Graduate Program

images from Hussian UX Program Curriculum Design
The Problem
Hussian College was developing a graduate-level UX design program, modeled on an 8-week "executive weekend" format (Friday/Saturday).
  • Needed a UX Subject Matter Expert (SME) to design the program
  • Create course descriptions, prerequisites, course and program competencies
  • Develop individual courses in Design, UX Research, Prototype, HCI, Interaction Design, Usability Testing, Prototype Development
The Solution
I have defined the entire program, and authored individual courses:
  • Program Competencies (PLOs)
  • Course Descriptions, Competencies (CLOs)
  • Course prerequisites
  • Textbooks and Software needed for the program
  • Third-party partners required for UX thesis projects
  • Construction of individual courses Canvas LMS
  • Rubrics and student evaluation criteria

Courses Taught 4/12/2020

The following lists courses I've taught, both on-ground and online in Web Design, Coding, and UX.

Interaction Design 9/18/2018

user flow from interaction design class

Interaction Design is part of the UX workflow - converting "user stories" we tell about our audience into a flowchart describing the use of a website, app or game.

User Experience 8/6/2017

Experience Design for installation with student

User Experience (experience design) teaches a strategy for customer-centric design, basing website or web app features on the audience - in other words, "design as if people mattered". The courses here include market analysis, Persona development, customer journeys, user flows, wireframes, and finally prototypes. See some outstanding examples of my graduates at LucianaFlora.com. A key feature of the program is teaching developers (even hardcore ones) the features of experience design.

Front-End Web Development 7/21/2017

images of front-end web development

These courses are all about JavaScript - from basic to advanced. Courses include the features of JavaScript as a programming language, setup of NodeJS-based development environments, and using frameworks like jQuery. Student develop everything from interactive websites to full HTML5 games. A key feature of the program ensures that all designers get some code-time, so they understand that "code is design by other means" and can bring a no-fear attitude to design jobs including coding.

Back-End Web Development 11/2/2018

images of database and back-end programming from students

This program originally introduced students to back-end development, using the web standard language PHP and database MySQL. In recent years, the focus has shifted to Content Management Systems (CMS) like Drupal and WordPress which use these languages.

Design Business 12/14/2015

images of student work from design business courses

Students do better design if they are designing for a purpose beyond look and feel. These courses introduce students to web and app business models, market research, and the practical aspects of starting an interactive company in the LA Silicon Beach area.

Digital Marketing 6/2/2017

student work on digital marketing projects

These courses are taught to Design students, as well as Advertising students and Marketing students in the Fashion Design program. They focus on Digital Marketing techniques including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, meta-data, Digital Marketing campaigns using tools like Buffer, analytics, including Google Analytics and Google AdWords. Students also learn ad copywriting skills.

Game Design and Development 5/22/2016

scenes from game design and development project

These courses are taught to students in Game Art and Game Programming. Design courses introduce a UX-style workflow for game and social game development. The programming classes teach C++, C# and code optimization, as well as JavaScript-based HTML game programming.

General Studies9/8/2015

work in general studies math and science by students

Finally, I teach students in all areas in general Math/Science principles, adapting these concepts to those most useful in the design industry. The Biology course matches my doctorate in the area, and Cyber Theory is a romp through the history of Science Fiction!

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