Legend VR WebVR Ux Strategy

How I helped an Hollywood Effects House build a WebVR Real Estate App

The Problem

Project to build a WebVR Real Estate app.

Hollywood Effects house Legend3D had a client in the real estate industry that wanted to get into virtual reality. Unlike many other projects, the client was interested in developing a web-based VR system within their existing sites, and needed to app to run without downloads or plugins. Basic walkthroughs in 3d were designed to compliment existing web assets.

In August 2016, I was asked to help Legend define and develop a web-based virtual reality app, using the WebVR JavaScript API.

What Was Needed


Between August 2016 and January 2017, I worked with legend on defining the app Ux. I found an appropriate developer in the small space of WebVR (Notion Theory) and connected the companies for development could begin. During development, I monitored the app for features and usability. When the app was complete, I evaluated function, and took a quick look at code quality to ensure it matched the client's expectations. The resulting app is an early example of the potential of WebVR for linking virtual reality directly to websites.

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